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Work Requirements




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In order to accommodate victims who are actively seeking safety and/or shelter from domestic violence, several participation options are available.  The available options are:


Clients who are residents of a residential shelter that provides rehabilitative services such as therapy or activities geared toward work, and requires sole participation in the shelter’s program will be considered to have met their 30-hour work and/or training requirement.  These individuals may be referred to the work activity contractor for support services if needed. 


Clients who are residents of a residential shelter that does not require sole participation in the shelter’s program and/or does not provide work programs will have a mandatory work requirement to participate in Families First, unless participation poses a threat to the safety of the individual.


Work activity participation hours for individuals who are victims of domestic violence and are unable to meet the 30-hour requirement may be modified if necessary to protect the safety of the individual. 


Victims of domestic violence who are unable to participate in a Families First  activity because it would pose a threat to their welfare, or to the welfare of their children will be granted a temporary waiver from the work requirement not to exceed thirty days due to a “short term temporary crisis.”  Bulletin 2, FA-09-02



Table of Contents