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Child Support Cooperation




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If Child Support (IV-D) reports any information about the absent parent or the AU to Family Assistance, the caseworker must take prompt action to review the information, determine its impact on the AU and implement any necessary changes to the case.If IV-D reports that a named absent parent has been excluded by a DNA test, the caseworker must contact the caretaker to inform her that:


        The man that she named has been excluded as the father of the child.


        It is no longer acceptable for her to name the same man as the absent parent.


        She must name the true biological father.


        She must explain why she named the previous man.


        She must give a reasonable explanation of the true circumstances of the childís parentage.


If she does not do this, without good cause, sanctions must be applied.It is not acceptable for the mother to glibly name another man or merely state that she does not know the fatherís name.



Table of Contents