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Immunization and Health Checks




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Verification is primarily the responsibility of the caretaker except when the information is already known to the Department or when it is more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain the needed information.


Immunizations and health checks will be verified by the following:


·        Health Department records.


·        “Shot” records.


·        Medical records.


·        Statement from a physician.


Enrollment in a public school or a licensed child care facility is presumptive verification of immunizations only.  Schools and licensed child care facilities require immunizations for enrollment or exempt the child(ren) from the immunization requirement. 


Health checks required according to the EPSD&T schedule must be verified by the above methods.


If an exemption for a medical reason is claimed, obtain a statement that explains the medical reason for not giving or delaying a specified immunization or checkup.  The statement must be signed and dated by the child’s physician or the Department of Health.



Table of Contents