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Personal Responsibility Plan




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There will only be rare circumstances that will require the renegotiation of the PRP.  It is the responsibility of the FF work activity contractor to work with the clients to develop their Individualized Work Plans.  Because the PRP on file with the client representative lists a generic 30 hour work requirement, changes in activities or support services no longer require the renegotiation of PRPs.  Should a client become work exempt and therefore be referred back to the caseworker, a new PRP would be negotiated at that time to reflect the change from a work requirement to a work exemption.  A new PRP would also be negotiated for work exempt clients no longer eligible for an exemption.    Bulletin 29, FA-08-21


The PRP will be printed from the eligibility and case management system each time the plan is initiated or renegotiated and the Families First participant will sign the printed PRP.


A renegotiation is not required at the yearly Families First renewal.



Table of Contents