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Personal Responsibility Plan




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The Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP) is an agreement between the Families First participant and the Department of Human Services that is completed for each Families First assistance unit.  In this agreement, the Families First participant agrees to take certain steps to move the AU to self-sufficiency.  In return, the Department of Human Services agrees to provide temporary cash assistance and child care, if needed, to help the caretaker/parent to gain employment.


The PRP development is started by the caseworker.  The caseworker will explain the basic requirements that are included in all PRPs.  If a client has a work requirement he/she will be referred to a client representative who will complete the PRP process.


Each assistance unit adult must agree to sign and comply with the individualized PRP.  If there are two adults in the AU, each one must sign his/her own PRP.  A minor parent must also sign an individualized PRP whether or not he/she is the caretaker of the case. 



Table of Contents