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Families First Online Policy Manual

Treatment of Income




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Deem income as available to assistance unit members from persons listed below under the given circumstances:


        A stepparent living in the home with stepchildren for whom assistance is requested.


        A parent living in the home with a minor parent who has requested Families First in his/her own right for a child in his/her care.


Do not deem income from a stepparent or a parent who is an SSI recipient.


Determine the amount of income to consider available to the stepchildren/ minor parents as follows:


        Determine gross monthly income.


        From earned income only, deduct the flat work expense amount of $250 for full-time or part-time employment.


        Deduct the appropriate Consolidated Need Standard for the stepparent or parent and his legal dependents (for IRS tax purposes) living in the home who are not included in the assistance unit.(If the stepparent or parentís income is not taxable, use those individuals he/she could claim under IRS rules.)


Note: The natural/legal parent of the dependent child must be included in the assistance unit; his/her needs may not then be included again in the deeming budget.


        Deduct amounts actually paid for alimony or child support to individuals not living in the home other than those covered in those mentioned above.


        Show the remainder as income deemed to the stepchildren or minor parent, as appropriate.




Table of Contents