Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Treatment of Income




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·        Do not count the income of a technically ineligible child (i.e., ineligible due to age, deprivation, and citizenship). 


·        Count the income of a child, who is a minor parent and is sanctioned for failure to cooperate with school attendance requirements or the income of a child sanctioned for enumeration.


·        Do not count a child SSI recipient’s income.


Do not count the income designated or legally “earmarked” for a child applicant/recipient, but not actually received, in determining eligibility and amount of payment.  Although the money will not be counted in the AU, the caretaker must apply to have the money made available to the child.  If the caretaker does not do this, the caretaker cannot be included in the AU if the caretaker is a non-parent grantee relative.




Table of Contents