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Families First Online Policy Manual





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All sources of income must be explored and the gross countable income from all sources must be verified prior to approval or continuation of benefits.


        Gross income is tested against a maximum income level which is 185% of the consolidated need standard for the appropriate number of people.


        If the gross income is greater than this standard by any amount, the assistance unit is not eligible for Families First.


        If gross income is equal to or less than the maximum income level for the appropriate number of people, then net income is computed and this amount is used to determine eligibility and amount of payment.


        If there is a deficit of $1.00 or more between the need standard and net income, then eligibility on this basis exists.


        Payment level is determined by testing net income (after appropriate exclusions and disregards, if any) against the standard of need.


        If there is still a deficit, a payment may be made, not to exceed the standard payment amount for the AU size nor in a monthly amount less than $10.00.




Table of Contents