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Citizenship and Alien Status




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        The initial criteria for determining an alienís eligibility is to establish the date of entry into this country and whether the alien is residing in Tennessee with the sponsorship of a public/private agency or an individual citizen.This policy applies to aliens, not refugees.


        The date of entry into this country by an alien can be established by viewing INS documents in the possession of the alien.


        An alien is ineligible for Families First for a five-year period beginning with the date on which the alien was granted lawful temporary resident status if the alien continuously resided in the United States illegally since before January 1, 1982, and was subsequently granted lawful temporary or permanent resident status by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).The five-year disqualification provision does not apply to Cuban or Haitian applicants who have their immigration status adjusted to that of lawful temporary residents by the INS.


        Routine eligibility procedures will be applied to Families First assistance units that have been in the country for more than three years.


        Aliens applying for Families First that have been in the country for less than three years will have their eligibility determined according to their type of sponsorship.



Table of Contents