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Citizenship and Alien Status




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The following steps are necessary in establishing the amount of income and resources which shall be deemed from the individual citizen sponsor to the alien whether or not these are actually available to the alien.


Income of Sponsor:


1.      Determine the gross earned and unearned income of the sponsor and the sponsorís spouse (the latterís income will be considered even if the marriage occurred after the affidavit of support was executed).


Note: If the sponsor and/or spouse receive Families First or SSI, no income is to be considered available to the alien.


2.      Deduct from the gross earned income (wages, salaries, or net earnings from self-employment) 20% of the total of such amounts or $175.00, whichever is less.


3.      Deduct the Consolidated Standard of Need for the number of individuals living with the sponsor who are claimed by the sponsor and/or the sponsorís spouse as dependents for federal personal income tax liability.


4.      Deduct the amount the sponsor and/or spouse pays to individuals outside the home who are claimed as dependents for federal income tax purposes.


5.      Deduct any amount paid by the sponsor and/or spouse for child support or alimony to individuals living outside the home.


6.      The remaining income is considered as unearned income to the alien and will be added to the alienís own income in determining eligibility for assistance.


7.      Follow Families First budgeting procedures beginning with the Gross Income Standard test.


Resources of Sponsor:


        Determine the amount of countable resources of the sponsor and the sponsorís spouse as though the sponsor were applying for Families First.


        Deduct $1500 from the total countable resources.


        The balance of the resources are considered available to the alien and added to the alienís own countable resources in determining eligibility.


It is important to note that the provision for considering the income and resources of the individual citizen sponsor as available to the alien is not waived, even though the sponsor may have revoked his sponsorship agreement.


Income and resources which are deemed to a sponsored alien are not considered available to unsponsored members of the alienís family except to the extent the income and resources are actually available.Unsponsored members are not ineligible simply because a sponsored member fails to provide information regarding his/her sponsor.



Table of Contents