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Citizenship and Alien Status




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Aliens who are exempt from the provision are those who were:


        Paroled into the United States as refugees.


        Granted political asylum by the Attorney General.


        Admitted as Cuban or Haitian entrants.


        Admitted under Section 203 (a)(7) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act prior to April 1, 1980.


        Admitted under Section 207 (c) of the Act after March 31, 1980.


        Alien children of sponsors or of sponsorís spouse.


        Recipients of AFDC prior to October 1, 1981, or a former AFDC recipient who reapplies for Families First in the future.


        Determined to be an indigent immigrant in Legal Permanent Resident status whose sponsor executed an I-864 Affidavit.In these instances, only the income and resources that the sponsor and his or her spouse actually provide to the immigrant, if any, should be considered.An exemption for a period of 12-months will be granted beginning on the date the determination is made. Bulletin 11, FA-09-09



Table of Contents