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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Teen Parent Assistance for Child Care (TPACC)




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Teen parents must be enrolled in, or attending, either high school or an equivalent thereof to be eligible to apply for the TPACC Program.Written or verbal communication with the school staff that the schoolís requirements are met is adequate verification.

Note: Teen parents who are being home-schooled are not eligible for TPACC.




The teen parent must be between the ages of 13 and 19.


        Relationship must be verified


Birth certificate, passports and hospital records are all acceptable documents for verification.


        Mandatory Household Members


Count the minor parent, the minor parentís child, spouse (if married), and the minorís parent(s) when determining the household size. (See Determining Family Household Size, page 49)




Household income, both earned and unearned, of the minorís parent(s) living in the home, will be counted to determine eligibility.If the minor parent is married, the spouseís income will also be included in determining eligibility.


Note: The 85% income limit on the Income Eligibility and Parent Co-Pay Fee Chart applies only to the TPACC program.Teen parents not eligible for child care assistance through Families First (due to being over income), or those who do not wish to apply for Families First may be eligible for child care assistance through TPACC.


        Summer Break


Child care assistance will continue during summer break, as there are no work or summer school requirements.



Table of Contents