Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Low-Income Child Care Assistance




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Part Year Employees


Employees who are paid on a 12-month basis, but only actually work for ten months of the year, must have a full-time activity during their “off” months to continue receiving child care assistance during those off months.  This policy also applies to those who work ten months and are paid on a ten month basis (school systems, and Head Start programs, for example).


If the participant elects not to take part in full-time activities during the off months, they may restart child care assistance later as long as all eligibility factors are re-established and funding remains available.




Self-employed individuals who claim either non-farm or farm self-employment must be able to demonstrate at least the equivalent of 30 or more hours of employment per week.


To determine how many hours a self-employed individual is working, divide weekly income by the federal minimum wage.


AmeriCorps and VISTA


Participants in these programs are considered “full-time” by their program and do not have to meet the full 30-hour work requirement to receive needed child care assistance.



Table of Contents