Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

At-Risk Child Care for Child-Only Caretakers (ARCO)




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Each family receiving ARCO assistance is required to pay a portion of their child care costs. The weekly fee amount is based on a sliding income scale and adjusted according to the size of the family household.  Since the parent co-pay fee is a required point of eligibility, failure to pay the fee can result in termination from the program.  (Refer to policies on Determining Family Household Size and Income Eligibility Determination).


Refer to the Child Care Provider Contract, Section C.5.c, for provider requirements with respect to collection of co-pay fees.


A parent whose co-pay fees go unpaid for more than two weeks may be terminated from ARCO.  Once terminated for failure to pay the co-pay fees, an ARCO parent cannot return to the program without proof of payment or a repayment plan acceptable to the provider.



Table of Contents