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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Transitional Child Care (TCC)




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Thirty hours of paid work per week, including self-employment and/or education and training hours must be met to receive TCC.  Work that does not meet the federal minimum wage requirement is allowed, but the “countable” hours per week will be determined by dividing the gross weekly income by the federal minimum wage.


Note:  Income averaging is not allowed if the individual actually work less than 30 hours/wk but makes more than the equivalent of 30 hours/wk at minimum wage. 


If the education and training hours do not meet the 30-hour requirement, the difference must be made up with work.


The following education and training hours can be counted:


·        Class hours in any public school, Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) school (including Internet courses), or accredited private institution;


·        Non-paid work performed in college “work-study” programs;


·        Internship hours;


·        Laboratory hours;


·        Tutoring hours received or provided by the participant; and


·        Clients participating in educational activities will be allowed to count supervised homework/study time and one hour of unsupervised homework/study time for each hour of class time.  Supervised homework/study time must be verified and documented to be countable toward educational training hours.  The total countable homework/study time may not exceed the hours required or advised by the educational program.


The following are non-countable Education Hours:


·        Graduate or post-graduate college studies following a BA or BS degree.


Note: Fifth year courses are allowed when a license or certificate is required to perform that trade, e.g., teachers, registered nurses.



Table of Contents