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Refer to CCDF Federal Regulations at Section 98.41

Immunization Requirements


Immunization Verification of Children In Regulated Care: immunization documentation is not required for children enrolled in regulated care since state licensing standards require all licensed providers to document child immunizations.


Immunization Verification of Children In Unregulated Care:


        Pre-school children


The immunization record or doctorís statement care must be verified and documented within 30 days of placement.†† If not, then the placement will be terminated following ten (10) days advance notice.†† Failure to have current immunizations will be grounds to deny a parent the continued use of unregulated care until such time as the immunizations are brought up to date.


        School-age children


It will be assumed that children who are enrolled in school meet immunization requirements or have been granted good cause by the school system.††


Note: No immunization exception will be made for FF, TCC, and At-Risk participants because the Families First grant may have been reduced due to failure to cooperate with immunization requirements.


Children will be exempted from the immunization requirement if:


        The childís physician or the Department of Health provides a signed and dated statement giving a medical reason why the child should not be given a specified immunization; or


        The childís caretaker/parent makes a clear statement that such immunizations conflict with their religious tenets and practices. If the participant claims that the child should not be immunized for religious reasons, document the participantís statement regarding this situation and continue/approve benefits without sanction


Table of Contents