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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Certificate Program Eligibility




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U.S. Department of Health & Human Services bulletin ACYR-PI-CC-00-04, October 27, 2000; Privacy Act of 1974.


All participants and countable family members are required to have a unique identifier assigned for them. 


Families First participants are required under TANF regulations to provide SSNs in order to receive Families First benefits.  This number will remain with the individual if he or she receives the programs associated with Families First/TANF - TCC, ACC, ARCO, and/or Diversion Payment Child Care.


Applicants for programs not associated with Families First/TANF may voluntarily submit SSNs for household members.  If the participant does not wish to disclose SSNs for any of the household members, then those individuals will receive a unique identifier assigned by TCCMS.  Participants who choose not to use their SSN as the unique identifier and receive an assigned identifier are not required to know or retain those numbers in order to conduct regular business related to their child care assistance.



Table of Contents