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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

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Transfers When Parent Owes Back Co-Pay Fees


When a parent owes the current provider a parent co-pay fee debt, the transfer cannot be completed unless:


        the provider acknowledges the complete payment of any owed co-pay fees; or


        a payment plan satisfactory to the provider has been agreed upon.


Limits on Provider Transfers


The Department will allow a parent two (2) unquestioned requests to transfer providers within a twelve-month period.Any additional requests will be questioned as to the need and approved only under certain conditions to avoid unnecessary disruptions in a childís caregiver relationship.


Reasons to Approve an Additional Transfer


        The parent moved to a new residence.


        The parent changed job locations.


        The parent either:


-    complains of problems with the provider and has filed an allegation of abuse or neglect with the Department of Childrenís Services, or


-    makes an allegation of provider licensing violations with the DHS Child Care Complaint Hotline.


        The provider or regulatory agency closes the child care provider.


        The parent provides a written statement about specific concerns for the health or safety of her child at her unregulated provider.


        The parent transfers from an unregulated to a regulated provider.


        The child ages out of the care levels provided by the current provider.


        The parent cannot afford the cost difference between the state base rate and a providerís higher general public rate.



Table of Contents