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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

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Failure to take appropriate action on excessive absences results in costly overpayments.  Irregular attendance reports should be monitored for children with excessive absences and appropriate action taken.  


Certificate Program Monitoring of Child Absences


Monitor the Irregular attendance report once a month to identify those children whose absences suggest child care may not be needed.


Parents with children absent 100% in a 30-day calendar period will be issued a ten-day advance child enrollment termination notice for excessive absences, unless an extended period exemption has been granted or extenuating circumstances exist.


For children with an absence rate of more than 50% in a 30-day calendar period, determine if care is no longer needed or if there is a good cause reason to approve an extended absence period. 


Note: a 30-day extended absence period starts with the child’s first day of absence and not on the day reported or discovered.


If a good cause reason was determined for any absence days over the allowed limits, Fiscal Services must be notified for an adjustment payment to the provider to cover the child’s approved extended absences.


Notify DHS Internal Audit when instances of suspected client or provider fraud are discovered as a result of monitoring absences.


DCS Cases and Enrollment Terminations


A copy of the child enrollment termination notice sent to the provider on a DCS case will also be sent to the DCS caseworker.


If a DCS caseworker calls on behalf of the parent or foster parent to state the parent is resuming attendance, then any enrollment termination action will be immediately canceled or the child re-enrolled.



Table of Contents