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Redeterminations for TCC, ACC, ARCO, Low-Income, and TPACC Programs and Desk Reviews Polices for FF




A redetermination for continued eligibility is required every six (6) months; or, whenever an individual’s circumstances indicate the eligibility may have changed, for example, a change in monthly income, hourly wage, work hours, family size, etc.


All redetermination due dates should be set for the last day of the month when possible. 


Exception: DCS state custody and protective services cases should be approved for the dates listed on the referral.


Options for Redetermination


·        Face-to-face interviews are NOT required for redeterminations.


·        Parents will complete an application at redetermination.


·        Verifying documents for income and work hours are required.


·        A new parent interview in TCCMS and redetermination of eligibility in TCCMS is required.


Notices and Reports for Redetermination


·        A redetermination notice will be sent out to the parent 45 days prior to the redetermination due date.  Parents are responsible to schedule or reschedule appointments for redetermination interviews or submit their information by mail/fax before the redetermination date.


·        A closure notice will be sent to those parents who did not redetermine or schedule to redetermine by at least the 20th day of the month in which their redetermination is due.  A copy of this notice is also sent to the provider.


Late Redeterminations Within Last 10 Days


Individuals who recertify (or mail in verification) within the last ten (10) calendar days prior to their redetermination due date and are found ineligible, will be provided the full ten (10) days of advance notice prior to termination of child care assistance.  This advance notice applies even if child care service will be extended past the redetermination due date.


A new certificate may have to be issued to cover those extended days past the redetermination date.  (The prior income may have to be used to continue “eligibility” for those extended days.)


Missed Redetermination Due Dates


Individuals who miss the redetermination due date:


·        will have their eligibility and child enrollment terminated effective the redetermination due date using the “failure to redetermine” reason code;


·        will be issued a termination and fair hearing notice; and


·        will be responsible for any payments to their provider after the date of termination;


·        Individuals reapplying for the Low Income programs who missed their redetermination will have to reapply for new child care assistance services and, depending on the availability of funding, may not be able to re-enroll in the program


Failure to Report On Time With Good Cause


If an individual appears or provides requested information within ten (10) days following the issuance of the termination notice and can prove good cause for not reporting, they may be returned to active status.


Good Cause Reasons:


·        Late in providing additional verification information following an interview or mail-in prior to the redetermination date;


·        Hospitalization of the participant or child; or


·        Death of an immediate family member.


·        Non Good Cause Reasons:


·        Lack of transportation to the office;


·        Too busy working to set an appointment;


·        Failing to reschedule an appointment; or


·        Claims of not receiving the notices;


Situations in which Good Cause is approved will have the child care paid (backdated) for the days between termination and their return to active status


Setting New Redetermination Period Dates


The new eligibility period begins effective the day following the redetermination date if completed before that date.  If the redetermination was completed after the redetermination due date, the new eligibility period will be started effective on that past redetermination due date if services are being backdated.


Desk Reviews FF Child Care Cases


A desk review should be completed on all Families First cases at the end of 12 months.  The Desk Review should include a review of ACCENT screens for eligibility status and compliance.  If it appears the client is non-compliant, appropriate action should be taken.



Table of Contents