Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Low-Income Diagnosed Disability and Developmental Delay Assistance




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The effectiveness of using child care for addressing developmental problems should be monitored.  If the child makes no progress after a year, termination of child care or a change in provider should be considered.  Should the child make sufficient progress to be functioning in the acceptable range for his/her age or grade, child care should not be continued for more than one year after the initial assessment.


Children five years through eight years of age receiving regular school-day services may be authorized for part-time care only; however, full-time care is permitted during summer during the weeks no school services are provided.


Children age nine and older may be authorized for part-time or full-time care only during the summer weeks that school does not operate.   Should an eight-year-old turn nine during the school year, services may be continued until the school year terminates.



Table of Contents