Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Low-Income Diagnosed Disability and Developmental Delay Assistance




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Verification of Disability


The diagnosis of disability must be made in a signed statement by someone who is licensed to make it.  Licensed persons, including the following medical professionals, may make the diagnosis of disability: physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health clinic social worker.  The statement must include the name of the person making the diagnosis, his/her title, the date of diagnosis, and the nature of the disability.


If a child is an SSI recipient or receiving special services through the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (DMHDD)/Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services (DIDS), Part H of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or other public school special education program, documentation that the child is eligible for those benefits is sufficient verification of a diagnosed disability.


If a diagnosis of permanent disability is obtained, it is not necessary to secure any further verification.  This does not stop the need for regular eligibility redeterminations. 


In cases where the disability is not permanent and may be subject to change, a current diagnosis must be obtained once a year.



Table of Contents