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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual




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Children who have a diagnosed disability or a developmental delay of a low-income family may apply for Low-Income child care assistance to enhance the child’s early childhood adjustment.  This program is only available when state and federal funding allows new admissions.  Since 2002 funding has been insufficient to add new individuals to this program.


The individual(s) with the disability or the developmental delay is/are the only child(ren) eligible to receive assistance under this program.  This special assistance is focused on the child’s need, and not for the purpose of assisting a parent to work.  Therefore, the parents do not have to meet work activity requirements.  Non-disabled/developmentally delayed children in the family household, related or unrelated, do not qualify for this assistance program.  If other non-disabled children in this family are to apply for assistance, the parents must meet the work requirement activity.


For tracking purposes, all children served under this eligibility will be placed under the funding source code “DD”.



Table of Contents