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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Work Requirement Exemptions




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A parent may continue to receive child care assistance when the following circumstances exist.


·        For no more than six weeks before or six weeks after childbirth. This period covers up to six weeks of bed rest prior to birth if ordered by a physician.  A client may not receive more than six weeks on either side of the date of birth, but may receive the total of 12 weeks if circumstances warrant.


·        For 6 weeks following major surgery or major illness that prevents a client from meeting work/education requirements. This requires a written statement from a doctor.


Child care coverage during these childbirth/surgery/illness periods will pay for continued child attendance and, child absences within the regular attendance and absence polices.  This coverage will not be granted in any situation when the parent or program knows at the start that the period will be over 6 weeks.


If a redetermination of eligibility is scheduled to occur during this extended period, continued eligibility can be “presumed” until the parent returns to an activity.  Redetermination in those instances will be conducted within 30 days following the end of the extended period.



Table of Contents