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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Child Care Certificate Program Overview




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Parental choice is a hallmark of the Certificate Program. Parents have the option to enroll children with one of the following types of providers that meet contract requirements.

        DHS Licensed centers, group homes, or family homes;


        DOE (Department of Education) approved providers;


        DMHMR (Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation) approved providers;


        DHS Approved-Exempt providers


Boys and Girls Club centers are exempt centers as specified under state statute. With official acknowledgement by the Director of DHS Licensing and after meeting certain agreements with the Tennessee Association of Boys and Girls Clubs, these exempt centers can receive certificate funds; or


        Unregulated providers (typically close friends or relatives).


Providers wishing to receive DHS payment for child care are responsible for signing the Provider Contract. The Contract includes all requirements for provider participation in the certificate program.



Table of Contents