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APS - Investigation Process


A DHS/APS counselor will visit the adult to determine the need for protective services.

Family, friends, or professionals who know about the adult's situation may be contacted.

The APS counselor will work with the adult victim and others (family, friends, volunteers, and professionals) to assist the adult and reduce the danger.

If the adult victim is capable, he/she will be encouraged to make decisions regarding needed care or services. Whenever it is possible, Adult Protective Services staff will assist the adult in remaining in his/her home or community.

Some adults may refuse help. Legally, services cannot be forced on an adult, except in special circumstances as specified in the law. Involuntary services always require a court order.

Legal action is used only after all other appropriate solutions have been explored.

Report Abuse and Neglect
Toll free 1-888-APS-TENN (1-888-277-8366)