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Human Services - Contact Information



  • Child Support Disbursement Unit: (615) 253-4394 (local) or 1-800-838-6911 (toll free)
    Note: If you are calling from a cell phone and have free long distance, please call the local number instead of the toll free number.

    TheState Disbursement Unit will be happy to assistance you with your child support collection or disbursement matters.

  • Paternity Acknowledgement Program Hotline: 1-800-457-2165 (toll free)
    The Paternity Acknowledgement Program Hotline is available to provide information regarding the paternity process. If you need answers to the following questions, hotline staff will be glad to talk with you at the toll free number listed above.
    • How is paternity established?
    • When and where can paternity be acknowledged?
    • What if there are doubts about who the father is?
    • How can we get a genetic test?
    • What are my rights and responsibilities as a parent?
    • What if the mother is married and her husband is not the biological father?
    • How can we establish paternity by means of the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity process?


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