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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management

Office of the State Architect

Designer´s Manual - January 2009

Note: This Designers´ Manual uses the 2004 CSI numbering format.

Manual Chapters

Chapters 0 - 7: Provide guidance as to the procedures the Designer is expected to follow in administration of projects.
Title Page and Contents

Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:

Designer Agreements and Payments

Chapter 3:

Project Design

Chapter 4:

Project Manual Guide
  • 07 00 00 Roofing - Reroofing Design Guidelines
  • Chapter 5:


    Chapter 6:

    Project Construction

    Chapter 7:

    Close-out and Record Documents

    Appendix 1 - Cover Sheet
    Administrative Forms: Provides information on several forms for use by the Designer during the project based on instructions in the Administrative Procedures.
    1. Owner/Designer Agreement
    9. Bid Tab
    2. Owner/Des. Agrmt. Conditions 10. Pre-Const. Conference Guide
    3. Supplemental Owner/Designer Agmt. 11. Field Report
    4. Illegals Attestation Form 12. Notice of Settlement
    5. Claim for Travel Expenses Form 13. Designer Evaluation - Design
    6. Sample Building Plaque 14. Designer Eval.- Construction
    7. Front-End Review Checklist 15. Project Info. Data Form
    8. Bidder Licensing Expectations Report  

    Appendix 2 - Cover Sheet
    Sustainable Design Guidelines: Provides a minimum standard and guideline for designers in order to ensure the principles of good sustainable design are being implemented on all State of Tennessee projects.


    Sustainable Design Guidelines Reference Table

    Sustainable Design Guidelines

    Sustainable Design Guideline Checklist/Tracking Form and Calculators


    Appendix 3 - Cover Sheet
    Bidding Documents: Provides standardized documents used in compiling Procurement Requirements, Contract Forms, Conditions, and Division 1 specifications of a Project Manual.


    Bidding Documents Reference Table

    Appendix 3 Listing Continued