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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management

Post Date:
  May 17, 2013
Submittal Deadline:
  June 14, 2013

If you are interested in the project described below:
1. Review the Designer Selection Process.
2. Register with the Office of the State Architect. All Designer's must be registered and updated annually
    in December.  Click on Register and choose the option "Update My Registration" and follow the
    directions to review and update.
3. Download the instructions included in the Designer Letter of Interest.
4. Complete the document specifically for the project in which you have interest.
5. All dates with no time listed shall be constructed to mean midnight CST/CDT.
6. Attach the completed Designer Letter of Interest Form to the appropriate email link.

User Agency:
  Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Project Title:
  Metrology Laboratory
    Ellington Agricultural Center
Project Location:
  Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
Project MACC
Project Contact:
  Lynelle Jensen
    (615) 741-9282
Project Overview: 

Provide a new single story, stand alone 11,500 s.f. Metrology Lab building to be located in Nashville at a selected site located at the Ellington Agricultural Center.  The building will be equipped with one drive-thru bay and one additional back-in bay for the purpose of volume and large mass testing.  The bay area will consist of an overhead bridge crane for loading/unloading as well as a rail conveyor system located in the slab floor.  Adjacent to the large volume and large mass testing bays will be the offices and associated precision testing as well as spaces for small volume and small mass and length testing areas.  Critical design elements include vibration mitigation for small testing areas, this shall incorporate structural and mechanical equipment isolation for equipment and testing tables/rooms.  Air movement and humidity control will also need to be minimized.

This Project has been designated by the State of Tennessee Department of General Services as a Project which is to be designed and constructed pursuant to , and in all respects in accordance with, the most current version of the State of Tennessee Office of the State Architect Building Information Modeling (BIM) Requirements, which are posted on the Website of the Office of the State Architect, and which will be incorporated by reference into all design and construction contracts entered into by the State relating to the Project.

Special Design or Submission Requirements:  

Designer must have experience in metrology lab design. Design and Construction Administration experience in the middle Tennessee region preferred.

Anticipated SBC Approval Date:
  July 22, 2013
Anticipated Designer Notice to Proceed (NTP) Date:
  August 15, 2013

             Design or       
       Requirements:   Designer Letter of Interest                             

Please fill out the Letter of Interest and click HERE to submit the document.