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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management

Post Date:
  June 11, 2013
Submittal Deadline:
  June 25, 2013

If you are interested in the project described below:
1. Review the Designer Selection Process.
2. Register with the Office of the State Architect. All Designer's must be registered and updated annually
    in December.  Click on Register and choose the option "Update My Registration" and follow the
    directions to review and update.
3. Download the instructions included in the Designer Letter of Interest.
4. Complete the document specifically for the project in which you have interest.
5. All dates with no time listed shall be constructed to mean midnight CST/CDT.
6. Attach the completed Designer Letter of Interest Form to the appropriate email link.

User Agency:
  Department of Veterans Affair
Project Title:
  Storage Shed
    Veterans Cemeteries
Project Location:
  Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Project MACC
Project Contact:
  Cleve Salmon
    (615) 741-6319
Project Overview: 

Project will consist of the design, permitting, bidding and construction administration services for 3-sided, burial materials Storage Shed, having three (3) 40 ton capacity reinforced concrete storage bins for topsoil and gravel.  The structure shall be steel frame with metal roofing and brick facing compatible with the existing architecture, concrete floor slab at grade, and concrete service pad with asphalt drive. No electrical, mechanical or plumbing service is required.

Special Design or Submission Requirements:  

Preference will be given to design firms located in the western region.

Anticipated SBC Approval Date:
  July 13, 2013
Anticipated Designer Selection Approval Date:
  July 31, 2013

             Design or       
       Requirements:   Designer Letter of Interest                             

Please fill out the Letter of Interest and click HERE to submit the document.