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Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy

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Code FF203
Length 8 Hours

This course uses a comprehensive fire protection approach to frame areas of study around fire growth paths, product, and systems involved with the appropriate fire protection solution, fire, and building codes, and the use of fire mitigating tools.


Analysis of historical commercial building fires highlights the development of building codes, fire codes, and product test methods. Students learn how to assess the validity of a product performance test for a specific product application or end-use, using a certification label.


In a final case study, students apply the comprehensive fire protection approach to the analysis of a documented commercial fire and determine the impact on firefighting strategies.

Pre-Requisites None
Fees On-Campus $30.00 / Off-Campus $18.00
Materials Contact TFACA for materials list, Pen, Paper, Pencil, Highlighter.
Dates Tennessee Fire & Codes Academy (Training Schedule)
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