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Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy

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Firefighter I & II Live Burn
Code F110
Length 22 Hours

The course is not designed to be taken by students having completed only "Basic Firefighting."


This course is designed to provide the student with practical application of the skills learned in F100 - Recruit Firefighting. This course incorporates a variety of practical training drills and scenarios including search and rescue, structural fire attack and exterior fires. "Live" fire training evolutions are included. This course is designed for firefighters requiring successful completion for Firefighter I and II skills checklist.


Upon successful completion of this class, the student will meet the "Live Firefighting" component required in minimum training established in Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 4-24-112-2.

Pre-Requisites Recruit/Firefighter I –F100, F200 - Firefighter II or approved equivalent.
Fees $50.00 (Food/Lodging: $40.00/night)
Materials Contact TFACA for materials list, Pen, Paper, Pencil, Highlighter.
Dates Tennessee Fire & Codes Academy (Training Schedule)
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