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Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy

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Code FF168
Length 15 Hours
Description This course is a foundation and provides a general understanding of how training operations can be managed successfully within small fire and rescue departments. This course is designed to provide students with some basic tools and skills to coordinate training function in a smaller department typically may include conduction training drills and coordination training with a nearby larger city or state training function. Course content includes leadership issues in fire service training function, including an understanding of a standard of care and the impact of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards; safety considerations in training; marketing training internally; identifying ways to justify training needs; selecting and evaluation training curriculum and materials from outside sources; and effective delivery and evaluation training.
Pre-Requisites None
Fees On-Campus $60.00, Off-Campus $36.00
Materials Contact TFACA for materials list, Pen, Paper, Pencil, Highlighter.
Dates Tennessee Fire & Codes Academy (Training Schedule)
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Other Notes ACE Recommendation: In the vocational certificate or lower division baccalaureate /associate degree category, 1 semester hour in Education, Public Administration, Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, Management, Human Resource Management, or Vocational/Technical Education.