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Fire Prevention Division

Codes Enforcement Section - Information


This Section enforces statewide adopted fire and building construction safety codes and standards to afford a reasonable degree of safety to life and property from fire and hazards incident to the design, construction, alteration, and repair of buildings or structures.


Section Administrators


Director - Christopher Bainbridge     615-741-7190               

Assistant Director - Vacant  615-741-7190 

Fire Safety Manager - Fred Garbler 615-741-7190


Property Maintenance: For property maintenance issues such as overgrown grass, please contact your

local codes department.






Plans Review - This Section reviews and approves design drawings for building construction statewide submitted by Tennessee registered architects and engineers.

Inspections - This Section, under authority of Tennessee Code Annotated 68-120-101 annually conducts fire safety inspection visits of new construction and certain existing structures. Inspections of the new construction items reviewed by the plans review staff are mandated by statute and rule.

Modular Building Act - This Section, under authority of Tennessee Code Annotated 68-126-301. We also have all of the downloadable forms online and links to Michie's Legal Resources.