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Finance and Administration
April 15 - March Revenues
March 12 - February Revenues
February 27 - Tennessee CIO Among Top-25 in Government Technology
TennCare Fraud
April 11 - Four in DeKalb Co. Charged with TennCare Drug Fraud
April 9 - Two Charged with TennCare Fraud in Union County
April 8 - Wayne County Woman Charged with TennCare Fraud

Most Wanted for TennCare Fraud

Meet Commissioner Larry Martin

Commissioner Larry Martin

Larry B. Martin became commissioner at F&A August 13.

Martin had been the interim commissioner since June 1 after former commissioner Mark Emkes´ retirement.

"I want to thank Larry for continuing to serve Tennesseans as the F&A commissioner, " Haslam said. "Putting together the budget is one of the most important things we do, and Larry´s skills and experience with complex systems and organizations is unmatched."

Last year, he joined the governor´s staff as a special assistant to the governor, working alongside Human Resources Commissioner Rebecca Hunter to oversee the implementation of Haslam´s civil service reform, the Tennessee Excellence, Accountability and Management (TEAM) Act; and reviewing state employee compensation.

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