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Four original copies of Change Orders and appropriate backup documentation must be submitted to the State Revolving Fund Loan Program (SRF Loan Program) for review and approval prior to implementing the proposed changes. Change Order packages are reviewed for appropriateness, concurrence with the approved Facilities Plan document and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loan agreement, cost-effectiveness, and necessity regarding the successful completion and operation of the project or pertaining to the correction of errors in the Plans and Specifications. The Change Order package should include the correct project name and CWSRF project number, the names of the CWSRF loan recipient and the contractor, the correct Change Order number (in sequence) and date, the original signatures of the consulting engineer, contractor, and CWSRF loan recipient, and a complete description of the changes including quantities and sizes of materials and equipment, labor hours, overhead, profit rates, prices, net changes in contact price and contract time, and the amended contract amount and amended contract completion date.

Changes that are consistent with the objectives of the approved CWSRF project and that are within the approved project scope and current funding level of the loan agreement do not require the execution of a formal loan amendment. However, when changes will result in the expenditure of more funds than the loan amount, either the loan recipient must execute a loan amendment or the loan recipient must provide for the additional project funding prior to the implementation of the changes.