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UST Act, Rules, and Rule Interpretations

Current Rules for Underground StorageTanks

A complete, current version of the Tennessee Petroleum Underground Storage Tank rules (Rule 1200-1-15), which includes recent amendments, can be viewed at:

Current Tennessee UST Rules

Current Rule Revision Date is January 2013

Public Participation Opportunities

Link to public notices and hearings

Proposed Rules for Underground Storage Tanks

Rule changes associated with permanent closure of USTs by other responsible parties

Tennessee Petroleum UST Act

Click on the following link: Tennessee Codes Annotated. This will take you to the Michie's Legal Resources Terms & Conditions webpage. There you can view the Terms & Conditions and click the I Agree button if you would like to continue. In the search box type in 68-215-101. Once search is returned click on 68-215-101 short title. This will take you directly to the Tennessee Petroleum UST Act.

Amendments to the UST Act

Year Public Chapter
2013 181 07-01-2013
2012 986 05-10-2012
2010 903 05-11-2010
2008 794 07-01-2008
2007 362 07-01-2007
2005 283 07-01-2005
2005 350 05-19-2005
2004 925 07-01-2004
2002 821 07-01-2002

New Rule Interpretation Memos (RIM)

Corrosion Protection of Fill Pipes

Dual Purpose Tank Rule Interpretation

Modified Site Check Policy for Dispenser Leaks

Oil/Water Separator Holding Tanks

Release Detection for Aboveground Piping

Responsible Party

SIR Suspected Release Reporting

Suction Piping and Vent Restriction Devices (Ball Float Valves)

Sump Sensors

Interim Guidance on Interstitial Monitoring Record Keeping