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Tennessee Designated Operator Trainings

The mission of the Division of Underground Storage Tanks is to protect human health and environment by preventing future petroleum underground storage tank releases and remediating existing petroleum underground storage tank contamination.

Click here to go to the Tennessee Tank Helper Website when you are ready to register, designate and train. You should finish reading this page first.

Icon Tennessee Tank Owners you will need your “Owner ID” from the annual fee receipt or “Customer ID” from the facility Invoice statement before you can register. You will enter this number, during registration, in the field “Owner ID #”.

Icon Owners of Tanks in Other states you will need to register as an operator to take the training and print certificates. If your state has specific instructions below please print them out and save for your records.

Virginia Tank Owners - click here for instruction from Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Florida Tank Owners - click here to access link to "FDEP Class A/B Operator Training/Supplemental Information" for Florida-specific training guidance.

Icon Hazardous Substance UST System Operators click here for further instructions, before going to the Tennessee Tank Helper Website. This section addresses a federal rule for a specialized category of tanks that does not appy to or need to be reviewed by operators of petroleum USTs at traditional gas station sites.

Icon Guests anyone is welcome to login, register as an operator and view training materials. (Permission from The Division is not needed)

» Click here to view operator training rules

» Click here to view operator training proposed rule changes

The Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 required that each facility have three types of designated operators and be required to show proof of their training. The following is a short description of the Class Operators that must be trained.

  • A Class A Operator is any person having primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems.
  • A Class B Operator is any person having daily on-site responsibility for the operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems.
  • A Class C Operator is any on-site employee having primary responsibility for addressing emergencies presented by a spill or release from an underground storage tank system.

The Class C Operator can train using Tennessee Tank Helper or can be trained by the designated A or B operators. Since all Class A and B operators are also trained as Class C Operators we do not require Class C to be designated within the Tank Helper program.
During inspections the inspector will check to see if there is a designated Class C operator at the facility.

Tennessee Tank Helper

The Division has created a free web-based interactive application called Tennessee Tank Helper which will allow tank owners to select their designated operators and allow operators to sign up and take training.

Each owner and designated operator, once registered, will be able to see what is called a dashboard. All of your information and links are on your dashboard.

The system is designed to be flexible for the different types of owners. For example a large company may choose several different people for one or multiple facilities or a single station owner may choose to be the only designated operator.

In addition to the operator and owner dashboards there is a training dashboard. The training dashboard is made up of modules for the different types of training required. If you are an owner registering as the designated operator the training will be specific to your facilities. If you are an operator and are already designated the training will be specific to the facilities designated to you. If you are an operator and are not already designated you can train on modules but they will not be specific for a facility. A certificate of completion can be printed once the appropriate number of test questions is answered correctly

In order for the owner to designate an operator, the operator will need to be registered first. The owner can register but must wait for the operator to be register to designate.

Please review the instructions above (all instructions can be printed)