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UST Fund and Reimbursement Information

Reimbursement Documents

Reimbursement Guidance Document (RGD-002) (WORD Doc)

Reimbursement Guidance Document (RGD-002) (PDF)

Task Cost Sheets (RGD-002) (EXCEL)

If you would like to be notified via email of changes to the reimbursement database and/or process, please email: ust.reimbursement@tn.govThe Division of Underground Storage Tanks has developed a new process for reimbursement involving electronic reimbursement applications. This process consists of three parts: cost task descriptions, cost task spreadsheets, and a cost database. The cost task descriptions provide details of commonly performed tasks at contaminated UST sites (see Reimbursement Guidance Document - 002). The cost spreadsheets provide the breakdown of routine maximum cost for performing each task. The cost database is a Microsoft Access® program and requires you to use version Access® 2007 or higher. This process became effective January 4, 2010. No paper copies will be accepted after January 31, 2010. Updates and revisions to the database will occur periodically. The revised reimbursement documents are effective April 15, 2014. The Microsoft Office Access® program is a 32 bit version. If you require a 64 bit version please email :

Click here for the Access Database file.

Reimbursement Policy Change Announced

The facts are that the demands upon the fund have continued to rise,due to a number of factors, while the revenue streams which are the source of fund dollars have remained relatively constant. Due to the resulting increased need to be better stewards of the fund, the Division of Underground Storage Tanks (the Division) is re-evaluating many of its existing practices.

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New Mileage and Lodging Rates Effective May 1, 2011

On May 1, 2011, new mileage and lodging rates for reimbursement go into effect.

See a schedule of these rates

Reimbursement Rates

Beginning January 4, 2010, please use the new Reimbursement Guidance Document (RGD-002), which includes the Fund Eligibility Application, eligible and ineligible costs, and the new Reimbursement Application form.

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Click here for Fund Eligibility Application & Instructions (CN-0943)

Financial Responsibility, Fund Eligibility, Fund Coverage: Not the Same Things

This is intended to be a short description of Financial Responsibility, Fund Eligibility, and Fund Coverage for the TN UST program. It is not designed or intended to be an all-encompassing treatise on this subject, nor a predictor designed to fit all conditions pertaining to these topics.

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