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Waste Permit Application Forms

Form Description Number Form
Solid Waste Permit-By-Rule CN-1035 PDF
Solid Waste Disposal Facility (Landfill) Permit CN-1036 PDF
Hazardous Waste Permit EPA 8700-23 (Part A) PDF
Notification for Underground Storage Tanks CN-1260 PDF
Seller's Notification for Underground Storage Tanks CN-0911 PDF
Special Waste Evaluation Application CN-1051 PDF
Special Waste Fee Worksheet CN-0932 PDF
Drycleaning Facilities Registration CN-1063 PDF
Drycleaning Solvent Suppliers/Distributors Registration and Quarterly Surcharge Report CN-1062 PDF
Best Management Practices (BMPs) certification statement   PDF
DCERP Reimbursement Application (For Approved Costs) CN-1125 PDF
Application for Entry into the DCERP CN-1124 PDF
Application for Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems Installer Permit CN-0763 PDF
Application for Domestic Septage Disposal Site Permit CN-1047 PDF
Transfer of Registration - Solid Waste Disposal or Processing Operation CN-1092 PDF
Solid Waste Application Filing/Processing Fee CN-0934 PDF
Special Waste Recertification Form CN-1192 PDF
Applicant Disclosure Statement CN-1306 PDF
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility (TSDF) Application And Other Review Fees CN-1261 PDF
Hazardous Waste Generator Notification Fee for EPA ID # NF – CN-1033 PDF
Hazardous Waste Registration and Notification HN-H – CN-0909 PDF
Hazardous Waste Stream Report WSR – CN-0773 PDF
Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit Application/Renewal TR – CN-0772 PDF
Hazardous Waste Transporter Fee Determination TRFDS – CN-0783 PDF
Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility Notification TRF-HW – CN-1345 PDF
Used Oil Installation Registration and┬áNotification HN-O – CN-1003 PDF
Used Oil Transporter Certification Requirements CN-1303 PDF
Used Oil/Universal Waste Annual Fee Determination Sheet CN-1344 PDF