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Water Permit Application Forms

NPDES Permit Forms and NOIs

Form Description Number Form
General Information EPA Application
Form 1 (CN-0899)
"NEW" Application for permit to discharge municipal wastewater from publicly  owned treatment works (POTWs) EPA Application
Form 2A
Application for permit to discharge wastewater - concentrated animal feeding operations and aquatic animal production facilities EPA Application
Form 2B
Wastewater Discharge Information - existing manufacturing, commercial, mining, and silvicultural operations. EPA Application
Form 2C
New Sources and New Dischargers: Application for Permit to Discharge Process Wastewater EPA Application
Form 2D
Facilities Which Do Not Discharge Process Wastewater EPA Application
Form 2E
Application for Permit to Discharge Storm Water Associated With Industrial Activity (non-TMSP) EPA Application
Form 2F
NPDES Permit Application Addresses CN-1090 PDF
Notice of Intent for the Tennessee Stormwater Multi-Sector General Permit (TMSP) CN-1108 PDF
Underground Storage Tank Remediation Notice of Intent CN-1217 PDF
Hydrostatic Test Water Notice of Intent CN-1262 PDF
Water Treatment Plant Filter Backwash and Sedimentation Basion Washwater Notice of Intent CN-1225 PDF
Ready Mix Concrete Notice of Intent CN-1216 PDF
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) SOP Notice of Intent CN-1147 PDF
Application for Surface Mining Permit CN-1097 PDF
Water Quality State Operation Permit Application CN-1251 PDF
No Exposure Certification Form (From EPA)   PDF
Storm Water Construction Notice of Intent CN-0940 PDF
Storm Water Construction Notice of Termination CN-1175 PDF
Storm Water Construction Inspection Certification CN-1173 PDF


Other Water Permit Forms

Form Description Number Form Instructions
Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit Form (Revision 01\14) CN-1091 PDF N/A
Application for Certificate of Approval and Safety - the Safe Dams Act of 1973 CN-0821 PDF PDF
Wellhead Protection Checklist for Small Community & NonCommunity Supplies CN-1083 PDF N/A
Water/Wastewater Operator Certification - Application for Certificate of Competency CN-0704 PDF N/A
Authorization Application for a Class V Underground Injection Well CN-1106 PDF N/A
Underground Injection Well Fee Worksheet CN-1189 PDF N/A
Application for Permit of a Class I Underground Injection Well Contact the Division of Water Resources for a Class 1 Injection Well Permit
Application for a Water Well Driller or Installer License CN-1168 PDF N/A
Dye Tracing Registration CN-1112 PDF N/A
Plans Review Fee Worksheet CN-1188 PDF N/A
Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Installer License CN-0763 PDF N/A
Ground Water Withdrawal Registration CN-1226 PDF N/A