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Interactive Mapping

GIS Contacts

Bill Avant, GIS & Land Acquisition Manager
Division of Recreation Education Services

Tim Buchanan, GIS Coordinator
TDEC Information Services Division

Rich Cochran, GIS Coordinator
Division of Water Pollution Control

Department Resources

TDEC is continuously striving to create better business practices through GIS and one way that we have found to provide information and answer some question is utilizing an interactive map.  An interactive map is a display of geospatial data that allows you to manipulate and query the contents to get the information needed using a set of provided tools. Interactive maps are created using GIS software, and then distributed to users, usually over a computer network.

The TDEC Land and Water interactive map will allow you to do simple tasks such as pan, zoom, measure and find a lat/long, while also giving you the capability of running simple queries to locate land and waters by name, entity, and number.  With the ability to turn off and on back ground images such as aerial imagery (both black and white as well as color), we hope that you can find much utility in the tools provided.

The TDEC Interactive Mapping portal combines different department datasets, including datasets from TDEC Lands and Water Pollution Control, including this WPC data:

  • Newest stream assessment data (3/25/09)
  • WPC monitoring sites
  • WPC Permits classified by type
  • Siltation Impaired streams based on the newest assessment. Includes the drainage areas around the stream for help in construction permit review.
  • High Quality Waters (Planning and Standards maintains "official list")
  • New updated HUC-12 boundaries

Other Data in TDEC Interactive Mapping:

  • 2008 West TN color imagery
  • 2007 East TN color imagery
  • Statewide Black and White imagery

Quick Start Guidelines for TDEC Interactive Mapping

  1. Make sure the TDEC Lands box is checked in the Map Contents page.
  2. Query TDEC Lands can be found top/middle. This will allow you to query the lands by name. The results will show in the "Results" window. Right click the Result and click "Zoom To"
  3. A series of tools can be found on the top right of the tool bar: zoom in/out; pan; full extent; previous extent; next extent; identify, measure, find a lat/long.

In order to use the interactive map, you must have the layer(s) you intend to use marked with a check in the Map Contents. The results from queries will display in the Results Window. Once in the Results Window, right click the result to have the option to zoom to that location.