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Tennessee Historical Commission

Meeting Details (revised May 13, 2015)

June 26 – 9:00 am CT

Civil Rights National Museum
450 Mulberry Street
Memphis, TN 38103

  • Agenda to be announced.

Board Characteristics:

Twenty-nine members: 24 appointed by the Governor for terms of five years and 5 ex officio members.

Members include:

  • Governor of Tennessee
  • State Historian
  • State Archaeologist
  • Commissioner of Environment and Conservation
  • State Librarian and Archivist
  • 24 members who shall be equally divided among the three grand divisions of the state

Commissioned under T.C.A. 4-11-102.

The statute authorizing this board expires June 30, 2019 and the one-year wind-down period begins.

Member Term Expires Representation
Tobie Bledsoe 10-31-2016 East Tennessee
Walter Butler 06-30-2016 West Tennessee
Elizabeth A. Campbell 06-30-2017 Middle Tennessee
Allen F. Carter 09-30-2016 East Tennessee
Dr. Calvin Dickinson 09-30-2015 Middle Tennessee
Clarence Edward Elkins 03-15-2015 Middle Tennessee
Sam D. Elliott, Chairman 05-31-2015 East Tennessee
Governor Ex Officio Governor of Tennessee
Linda Higgins 09-30-2017 West Tennessee
Norman Hill, Sr. 09-30-2014 MiddleTennessee
Sherry J. Kilgore 09-30-2015 Middle Tennessee
Bill Landry 06-30-2016 East Tennessee
William Lyons 02-28-2016 East Tennessee
Robert Martineau Ex Officio Commissioner TDEC
Paul Matthews, Vice-Chair 09-30-2015 West Tennessee
Dr. Reavis L. Mitchell, Jr. 06-30-2014 Middle Tennessee
Joanne Cullom Moore 06-30-2016 West Tennessee
Mike Moore Ex Officio
State Archaeologist
Beverly C. Robertson 09-30-2015 West Tennessee
Chuck Sherrill Ex Officio
State Librarian and Archivist
Theodore Bradford 'Tim' Sloan 09-30-2014 West Tennessee
Joe Swann 02-28-2016 East Tennessee
Judge David Tipton 09-30-2018 East Tennessee
John Charles Trotter 11-15-2015 East Tennessee
Dr. Carroll Van West Ex Officio State Historian
Ronald A. Walter 09-30-2012 West Tennessee
Richard Warwick 09-30-2015 Middle Tennessee
Derita Coleman Williams 06-30-2017 West Tennessee