Textbook Commission

The State Textbook Commission is composed of 10 members whose responsibility is to recommend an official list of textbooks for approval of the State Board of Education. The Commissioner of Education serves as Secretary of the Commission.

By law, the Commission includes:

  • a county superintendent,
  • a city superintendent,
  • a principal,
  • one teacher or supervisor from grades 1-3,
  • one teacher or supervisor from grades 4-8,
  • one teacher or supervisor from grades 9-12,
  • one member not employed in the educational system of the state from each of the three grand divisions of the state.

Commission Members

Position Member Name/Email Term Division
Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman 4/2011- M
Principal Craig Hammond 7/2014-12/2014 M
Lay Member: East TN Jason Robinson 8/2013-12/2015 E
Lay Member: Middle TN Emmett Lewis Moorer, Jr. 7/2014-12/2014 M
Teacher/ Supervisor 4-8 Shannon Streett 8/2014-12/2014 M
Teacher/ Supervisor 9-12 Cory Concus 8/2014-12/2014 W
Lay Member: West TN Vacant    
County Director of Schools Verna D. Ruffin  9/2014-12/2014 W
City Director of Schools Vacant    
Teacher/ Supervisor 1-3 Vacant    
Last Update: September 22, 2014