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TASL Credit at TETC 2014

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How much TASL credit can I earn by attending TETC?

  • Attendees can earn 8 hours of TASL credit at TETC.

What do I need to do to earn the 8 hours of credit?

  • At registration, pick up a Professional Development Attendance Card.
  • Complete all ID information on the card.
  • A box at the bottom of the card will include a listing of session times. As you attend breakout sessions, enter the session ID on the blank. At the conclusion of the session, be sure the session facilitator initials your card. This is very important because you will not be given credit for the session without the facilitator’s initials.
  • At the conclusion of the conference, turn your card in at the registration desk.

Are there specific requirements for which sessions I must attend in order to earn credit?

  • You will automatically receive 2 hours of credit for the keynote session at TETC.
  • You must attend 6 hours of breakout sessions and/or labs in order to earn 8 hours of TASL credit.

Can I earn partial credit if I do not attend the required number of sessions?

  • No. Credit will only be awarded for attendees who have completed the required 8 hours.

For other questions or more information regarding earning TASL Credit at the TETC 2014 conference, contact:

Carla Cushman, TASL Director
Phone:(615) 532-4741