Teacher Education and Accreditation

The Office of Teacher Education and Accreditation is responsible for the implementation of the approval process that evaluates the professional education units in Tennessee teacher preparation colleges and universities and the state licensure programs offered by those units. The approval process is part of the State Board of Education's Tennessee Education Policy. The standards used to evaluate the professional education units are the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, NCATE, standards. The standards used to evaluate state licensure programs are the Tennessee State Licensure Standards and Guidelines. The evaluation procedures include on-campus evaluation visits conducted by Board of Examiner teams and the adoption of approval recommendations by the State Board of Education.

Specific Areas

  • Licensure program and teacher education unit approval
  • Training of Board of Examiner members
  • Coordinate on-campus evaluation visits
  • Compile Board of Examiners' visit reports
  • Prepare approval recommendation reports for the State Board of Education
  • Ongoing communication and consultation with teacher preparation colleges and universities
  • NCATE/STATE Partnership activities

Download Teacher Licensure Standards

Educator Preparation Programs

The first step toward becoming a licensed educator is to successfully complete a preparation program. Below is a list of all approved endorsement programs in Tennessee organized by preparation provider and program.


Last Update: July 21, 2014