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Reporting Requirements

Please refer to the instructions that accompany the forms for information about what should be included in the reports. Each report has been designed using one of the following formats:

Printed Paper Report Forms: Some paper report forms are available in PDF format and can be printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may duplicate these forms, complete them and mail the paper documents to the appropriate office.

Electronic Template Forms: Selected report forms are available in Excel or Word. You may download these files, use Excel or Word to complete them, then print and submit the paper documents to the appropriate office or send as an attachment in E-mail.

EIS Software Package Generated Reports: You may submit paper copies of reports generated using your EIS software packages (except for the web-based applications).

Web-Based Applications: This allows entry of information directly on the SDE server, which is password protected. The report can be updated or printed by the user. The district should review the information, then print and mail the reports to the appropriate area as directed in the instructions.

Web-Based Download/Upload: This allows certain data and report forms to be downloaded, updated with Excel, and then uploaded back to SDE. User ID and passwords are required for each district.

Downloading Files

For completion of reporting requirements, please contact the respective individual listed in the Reporting Schedule.

For technical assistance, please contact the EIS HelpDesk at (800) 495-4154 or (615) 532-6215.

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