Education Choices in Tennessee

Public Schools

Tennessee public schools educate students throughout 137 school districts and more than 1,700 public schools across the state. To find contact information for a district or school, search the school directory.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are operated by independent, non-profit governing bodies and are offered in some school districts. For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, see the charter schools page.

Non-Public Schools

Non-public schools include accredited private schools, church schools, special purpose schools and more. Additional information and an updated list of more than 600 non-public schools in Tennessee is available on the non-public schools page.

Home Schools

Tennessee parents can teach their students at home or by affiliating with church-related schools. Laws, forms and requirements can be found on the home schooling page.

Unsafe Schools Choice Policy

Any student who attends a persistently dangerous school or who has been the victim of a violent crime at school has the opportunity to attend a safe school.


Last Update: April 21, 2014