Charter School Application Materials

Due Date: On or before April 1 of the year preceding the year in which the proposed public charter school plans to begin operation, the sponsor shall file applications as follows by the close of the business day:

  1. The number of hard copies required by the LEA (no more than 5) and one electronic copy of the complete application to the director of schools for the local board of education considering the charter school application
  2. One electronic copy of the complete application to the Tennessee Department of Education, Office of Charter Schools. Email or submission via online file transfer service (e.g., is preferred. But submission via CD, USB drive, or other portable media is acceptable.

The same number of copies of any updates or revisions submitted during the review process should also be submitted to the above entities.

Please note that some LEAs may have supplementary guidance for their application process.  Though we have tried to include those materials below, please contact the LEA well in advance of submitting your application for any additional guidance.

TN law requires one application per charter school. However, existing operators proposing to replicate a school that has already been authorized in TN only need to submit the replication application posted below. Similarly, sponsors applying for multiple schools in one application cycle do not need to complete an original application for each school. Instead, they should complete one original application and a supplemental application for each additional proposed school. Further explanation is provided on pages 2 and 3 of the replication application/application supplement

Applying for a Charter?

The Tennessee Charter School Center will present a "Charter School Application 101" webinar on December 16. More information is available at Tennessee School Charter Center: Apply & Start.

Planning and Authorization Documents

Required Documents

New Charter Schools

Last Update: April 2, 2015