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Reports & Data Resources

Note: The Department of Education does not rank school systems or schools.

Report Card

The annual Report Card is a comprehensive showcase of state, district and school-level data for each school year. The Report Card includes demographics, achievement results, accountability progress, value-added data, attendance figures, graduation rate and more.

Certain elements of the Report Card, such as state and district TCAP scores, have previously been released by the department and can also be found on the Data Releases page.

The Report Card is the result of the Tennessee Education Improvement Act of 1992 and has been modified over the years in order to meet the requirements of state and federal laws.

The following years are available:

Annual Statistical Report

The Annual Statistical Report includes an array of information providing the public with statistics about education in Tennessee. We hope that you will find the report useful to become better acquainted with Tennessee's education system.

The following years are available:

Research Reports & Policy Briefs

The Office of Research and Policy periodically makes internally-produced research content available to the public. All public reports from the Office of Research and Policy can be found below.

The Impact of the 2012 TNCore Math Training on Teaching Practices and Effectiveness download pdf file11/13

Learning from the Best: Promising Practices from Tennessee's 2013 Reward Schoolsdownload pdf file 10/13

Recent Retirement Trends of Tennessee Teachers download pdf file

Teacher Characteristics and Effectiveness download pdf file

School Health Profile

The School Health Profile (SHP), developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a survey of the status of health education as reported by middle and high school principals and lead health education teachers.

The SHP monitors the current status of:

  • School health education requirements and content
  • Physical education requirements
  • Asthma management activities
  • Food service
  • Competitive foods practices and policies
  • Family and community involvement in school health programs
  • School health policies related to HIV/AIDS, tobacco use prevention, violence prevention and physical activity

The following years are available:

Status of Minority Teachers in Tennessee

The The Status of Minority Teachers in Tennessee is an annual report on the status of minority teachers Information is collected from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, Tennessee Education Association, public and private colleges and universities with teacher licensure programs, and local school systems.

The following years are available in pdf format:

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is one component of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with representatives from state and local departments of education and health, 19 other federal agencies and national education and health organizations.

The following years are available:

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